Work In Progress


Tony (aka Anthony, Creator of Plasmo)

This website, is currently in the progress being constructed.  

The Contact Page was  not working so any enquiries should be made to me directly at this email:

More memorabilia and artifacts from the production of the Plasmo Series and ” Happy Hatchday To Plasmo” will be added soon, or when I get around to it.

In the gallery I will put images from the series, mainly to show the objects that will be on sale, and where they feature in the series.

Sometimes props look better and far more  in reality than they ever did after being filmed. But in other instances, a prop or model that looked good on screen, may in reality, be something quite simple and cheap looking! That is the magic of film making. Ideally on a huge budget, EVERY prop would be built fantasically, however on a low budget show, which Plasmo was, many props were scratch build from recycled scraps.

However, if you are feeling nostalgic and after a piece of animation or Plasmo memorabilia, the fact that a particular prop may have been scratched together should not detract from the fact that it is a piece of film history.

What you may be able to hold in your hands and display to your friends or work comrades may be a piece that has delighted and inspired countless viewers over the years Plasmo has been screened!