Episode Blog

Today we are looking at Episode 12, titled “Bon Voyage To Plasmo”. In this episode we can see the Robotic Jaffle Transporter (on Sale) in a couple of shots early on.
But enough of the sales talk, this episode is quite an exciting one, as Brucho accidently gets knocked out by Coredor while launching the newly repaired “Plasmobile” spacecraft. Also the hatch seals with Brucho trapped inside and the launch sequence has commenced. This could mean disaster for their plans to leave the planet Monjotroldeclipdoc, so a way has to be found to get inside the ship to avert disaster.

Incidentally, the length of the planets name “Monjotroldeclipdoc” was challenged back in 1993 by the funding bodies. I had to defend it saying that kids would love hearing adults stumble over its pronounciation, especially when the “doc” sound is the clicking sound as used in the language of the Kalahari bushmen. Funny that today, Monjotroldeclipdoc almost doesn’t seem long enough! The length of the word also is a script point as Professor Sashimi herself has problems pronouncing it. There is a new script where it takes Brucho to help her get the pronounciation correct. Despite Brucho’s extreme lateral lisp, Monjotroldeclipdoc is a name he can play with at ease.

So back to the episode itself. We made a large scale Niknik head so the frantic chewing could be shot at live speed and in close up. The actual Niknik puppet was far to small to get close enough to with a camera and be able to animate. In other episodes we use rod and hand puppets where necessary.

You will notice a lot of “dark space” in this episode. The immense scale of the interior of the observatory was always a problem, and one way to deal with it at the was to keep it relatively unlit.

I hope you enjoy it!