About Plasmo

plasmoPlasmo is a two and a half year old space orphan. He lives on the uncharted world of Pynco, with his friends Parsty and Niknik.

There are no adults on this planet. Plasmo has no idea who, or where his parents are. He was just an egg when the Intergalactic Space Hatchery he was travelling in, crashed into this uninhabited world.

The surviving hatchlings, fugeras* from a myriad of diverse planets, all grew up together learning to get along in harmony with one another.

Despite being a “party animal”, there is a hint of melancholy in Plasmo because he senses this planet is not his true home, and he believes his destiny lay out there somewhere amongst the stars.

When would-be space adventurers Brucho and Coredor stumble upon the planet, their greed and bumbling provides an opportunity for Plasmo and his friends to leave Pynco and begin their discovery of the wider universe around them.

*fugera  A specimen of life or living organism, preserved in its embryonic state, that is endangered and selected as a representative of its species or type for future re-instatement in a suitable biosphere at some future time such as that environment becomes available.